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🎤 Talks

A partial list of talks and presentations I've given over the years, in chronological order.

🗓 Simplifying software estimation

GDG MAD 2020, given online. Slides.

🤑 money, money, money (or the how and why of personal finance) HQ, 2020. Video.

🎭 Stop the security theater!

Google DevFest 2017, Bangalore. Slides.

📱 Effective and efficient mobile engineering

Fragments 2017, Bangalore. Slides. Video.

🔀 The dynamic home page of the Myntra app

Lightning talk, Droidcon London 2015.

🔮 Designing future-proof Android apps

Intel Android Codefest 2013, Bangalore. Slides. Video.

🤖 Android: an introduction for developers

Shaastra 2011, IIT Madras. Slides.

🌏 Semantic content repositories: leveraging Drupal for a connected meaningful web

FOSS.IN 2010, Bangalore. Slides.