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Subconsciously unforgotten

You meet so many people through life. It’s like a constant cycle – meet, forget, meet, remember, forget, half-remember. Not everyone leaves a mark on you, but not everyone is forgotten either. Some people, some very special people have a sudden impact on you…

No, I don’t mean the gentle, over-time-get-to-know-better people, I mean the instant omg-wow people. These very very few people in life, are a rare gift out of the sea of mundane humanity that you continue to ignore each day. You loved the way they talk, how they listened to you, the time you spent with them. You’re so happy to have met them! “Gosh, I wish I met more such people every day!”. Happened to you, hasn’t it?

However, suddenly they aren’t around anymore.

Maybe you met them on a train journey. Maybe at a restaurant. Maybe at a meeting with clients at work. Sure, you promise to keep in touch. But it isn’t the same thing to keep in touch through phone/email/IM, as it is to actually have them around in person. Nuh-uh, doesn’t even come close. This continues for a while and then you forget. You forget exactly what it was that made them so awesome in the first place. I don’t mean you don’t like them anymore, you just forget. Consciously, it’s the same. You have fun, you enjoy their company. But you subconsciously forget. Or you think.

Then you meet them again.

And it all comes rushing back to you. It’s like clicking the first time all over again. You feel awesome, you feel great! And even though you’ve (probably) been in touch all along, you realize and say to yourself “Oh so THIS is why I like this person so much!”. Did you forget? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it’s just our freak nervous system playing tricks again.

Who cares. It sure is totally awesome and it happened to me.