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New host

After struggling with my shared host for a couple of months now, I finally decided to shift to a newer one. This time I chose a VPS called WebFaction. Though, its not exactly a VPS, I'd call it a quasi one. It took me quite a bit of time to setup my domain, transfer files and verify everything, but hopefully I'm done! I'm quite impressed with WebFaction's performance and feature set, and if you're considering a VPS but don't want to shell out that 'moneh', check it out.

Also, I might add that I am not redesigning this site.

I've come to realize that it takes a lot to design from scratch (which is what I essentially need to prevent an identity crisis). I could have converted an xHTML/CSS design to Drupal, but bleh to it! But, prtksxna has expressed his desire to pour his supreme graphic magick into a design for me. I am happy to add my site to his portfolio, and will wait till his class XII exams get over. Let's see what he dishes out :-)