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How to make a cup of chai at WeWork

Update on August 8, 2022: Some WeWork buildings (so far: Manyata Tech Park and Embassy Quest) also have a Chai Point area, which serve a few varieties of chai entirely free of cost. To be clear, this is not tea out of a machine; an actual person makes the tea for you!

The WeWork India HQ has great coffee on every single floor, thanks to the Blue Tokai beans that they use in their coffee machines. But if you're looking for a cup of chai, all you get is one single Chai Point machine in an unassuming corner of the building.

Of course, if you're looking for a great cup of chai... you get nothing.

However, WeWork does offer a selection of tea bags from Goodwyn which aren't half bad: Tulsi Immunity, Authentic Assam, English Breakfast, Kashmiri Kahwa, Masala Chai.

Over time, I have perfected the method of using the tea bags to produce almost-but-not-quite-entirely-unlike chai.


  1. Claim a fresh WeWork branded ceramic mug for yourself
  2. Pick one (1) sachet of sulphurfree sugar and tear it open
  3. Discard half (½) the sugar in the bin marked "Compost"
  4. Empty the sugar that remains, in your mug
  5. Discard empty sugar sachet in the bin marked "Paper and Cardboard"
  6. Use a coffee machine to get two (2) seconds worth of hot milk
  7. Vigorously swirl the mug to dissolve the sugar in the milk
  8. Use the microcomputer stepwise water boiler to fill hot water in the mug
  9. Ensure that the contents of the mug do not exceed 40% of mug capacity
  10. Use a wooden stirrer to improve the consistency of the mixture
  11. Discard stirrer in the bin marked "Paper and Cardboard"
  12. Pick one (1) sachet of tea bag, preferably Masala Chai
  13. Tear it open, and take out the tea bag
  14. Discard the outer shell in the bin marked "Plastic and Metal"
  15. Completely immerse the tea bag in the mug
  16. Wait for 2½ minutes
  17. Take out the tea bag from the mug and discard in the bin marked "Compost"

Consume what you've created. Any deviation from these instructions is going to produce unsatisfactory results.